©Asec Security Systems Ltd CCTV installers Manchester company reg no 7767023 2010  MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS WHY DO YOU NEED A MAINTENANCE CONTRACT? • Peace of Mind You depend on your security system to provide safe and secure premises for your staff and visitors so it makes sense that it is kept in optimum condition. • Save Money Regular servicing will also ensure the maximum component life and result in lower system downtime. You will also save money by avoiding non-contracted hourly rates. • Compliance Current industry standards, the Police and the Data Protection Act all require that security systems that fall within their remit are covered under a formal Agreement. • Stay Covered Your insurance company will usually require you to regularly maintain your security system. If you have not arranged appropriate cover your insurance claims may be invalid. In addition all security systems that are Police calling or financed under a Lease Agreement must have a current maintenance contract. Why choose a Service and Maintenance Contract? • Fast response  Effective response  All vehicles carry a wide range of spares to ensure a first time fix with a minimum of disruption.  HighIy-trained Experienced Engineers  All of staff attends regular training to update their technical knowledge • Quality of Service  Ability to service a wide range of systems. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us directly. What CCTV Servicing includes ...Above is typical example of prices. a Check history of CCTV system since last maintenance service a Visual inspection of all major CCTV components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage a Check all CCTV control equipment (monitors, VCR, DVR, Multiplexer etc.) a Clean System Monitors a Check and clean cameras, lenses and housings as necessary. a Check lenses for correct field of view and adjust as necessary a Check pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary. a Check and test remote signalling equipment (where fitted) a Check recording and playback quality a Check the satisfactory transmission of images to remote centre (where applicable) a Repair any minor faults (where possible) a Clean internal workings of DVR/Recorder - Vacuum & Blow a Hard Drive Check, Scan and Defrag a Software Upgrades where available a Clean DVD/CD Writer a Test System Power Supply a Retrain the users on the use of the CCTV system (if required) a Log all test results a Return the CCTV system to operational status.